vp accessories

Montblanc and Swarovski, can now be found at the most exclusive shopping destination in Larnaka.

For the first time in the world, two enormous brands meet under the same roof.  Very Precious (VP) Boutique at Qblu Plaza is here for you to choose the finest gifts for others and for spoiling yourself.

Within VP, the customer can choose from a variety of hand-crafted precious writing instruments, leather goods and jewellery by Montblanc or decide to purchase the world's highest quality crystals, unique jewellery and accessories by Swarovski.

Swarovski is a family-run Austrian company that  was founded more than 120 years ago. Now run by the fifth generation of family members, Swarovski has become a leading group of global companies committed to stable growth and maintainin its place at the forefront of design, creativity, and technological innovation. Swarovski designs, manufactures and sells the world’s highest quality crystal, genuine gemstones, synthetic diamonds and created stones, as well as finished products such as jewellery, accessories, and lighting solutions. Swarovski products are sold in more than 170 countries.

Montblanc’s tale began with the creation of the Meisterstück fountain pen in 1924. Perfectly handmade with the finest of European craftsmanship, the iconic writing instrument has secured cult status – and the affair with writing instruments did not stop there. It has grown to include a variety of magnificent collections, including the bejeweled Bohème and sleek, contemporary Starwalker, among venerated others. Like the writing instrument counterparts, the exquisite watches are each meticulously crafted by hand to the finest of Swiss tradition. At the Montblanc boutique you may also find splendidly crafted leather products and elegant jewellery for men and women.