Dolce cafe is not a cafe, neither a patisserie. So what is the function of Dolce Cafe other than drinking coffee and eating cakes you may ask. Well, it’s the new one-of-a-kind socialising meeting point of Larnaka. It’s simply a place where people come to meet friends, arrange client meetings, socialize, read a book and daydream, while indulge in a range of delicious food and the finest beverages and cocktails.

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The idea behind setting up Dolce Cafe

Nowadays, people spend less and less time in face-to-face encounters so the Dolce Cafe is in a mission to encourage people to engage in conversations and revive the art of lost cafe culture. Dolce Cafe is not just a place where you can buy coffee and grab a quick bite, but rather a homely, welcoming space for social meetups. In simple terms, a re-imagined lounge cafe experience.

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The artisan coffee, creative cocktails, sweet pastries, relaxing ambience, modern decor and great service contribute towards making an open, inviting space. Sharing the true Viennese and Parisian spirit with pride and privilege, the Dolce Cafe invites you to be part of this vibrant community, whether you are meeting friends over coffee, celebrating a special occasion or taking time for yourself.

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Indulge in the fine selection of food and drink

Dolce Cafe serves everything you could wish for, from excellent roasted coffee, herbal infused tea, tempting pastries and tasty sandwiches during the day to crafted cocktails and great sharing platters in the evening. With an all-day menu serving several surprising eating and drinking possibilities, it’s easy for a quick cup of coffee to turn into dinner and drinks.

If you want to start the day right, pop in for breakfast to try our freshly baked pastries, cakes and cookies. If, however, you are swinging by for lunch, go for the chicken curry pie with mango chutney and salad or the quinoa salad with baby spinach, white and red quinoa, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado and roasted oyster mushrooms. And of course, it would be rude not to try the rich chocolate brownie packed with a hot gooey, flowing chocolate through the middle. If alcohol is more your favour, then we can guarantee you some of the finest cocktails around, including Old Fashioned, Negroni, Dry Martini and Manhattan.

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In fact, there’s something for everyone (and a bit more)!