On the 26th of October, QBlu Plaza in cooperation with TIMINIS, hosted a unique gathering on the 16th floor of Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca.

The master tailor of Canali, the renowned international Italian suits brand was there to advice and offer the attendees, a truly personalized experience of tailor-made Italian Luxury.

Following the Canali tailoring principle which is the use of innovative techiques to achieve aesthetic perfection, the master tailor of the brand, took measurements and suggested colors and fabrics to the attendees, to create distinctive suits, jackets, trousers and shirts from the finest materials, all handcrafted in Italy.


Timinis Tailor1
Timinis Tailor2
Timinis Tailor3
Timinis Tailor4
Timinis Tailor5
Timinis Tailor6
Timinis Tailor7
Timinis Tailor8