Under the supervision of well trained and experienced doctors and aesthetic consultants, the best and most specialised facial, hair and body treatments are readily available to you at affordable prices.

Believing that beauty and wellness go hand in hand, a holistic approach is used by our professionals to provide you with a beauty solution for successfully targeting all the areas of your concern.

Offering services such as Thai, Indian, Swedish massage; anti-hair loss treatments, facial and body anti-ageing packages, anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and body lift treatments; body scrubs and therapy; facial peels; and hair removal (laser and waxing) could only be the beginning of your rejuvenating experience.

 Mediconcept is uniquely designed to offer you an escape from every day stress, a true oasis of relaxation where you can leave the world  behind.

 Visit Mediconcept today to indulge in some very deserved pamper-me time, with the best replenishing of youth by expert staff.

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