Quality Group

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Quality Group is one of the leading investment and development companies in Cyprus with an active portfolio since 1991. Since its establishment, an enduring commitment has been to remain active in the progress of Cyprus and to preserve its standing as an unspoilt Mediterranean destination; while being a modern country with world-class facilities.

The Group has grown over the years, developing a number of projects based on four major pillars:

  • Quality Property Development
  • Quality Hospitality
  • Quality Education
  • Quality Medical


JWPegasus is in charge of the overall operations of Radisson Blu Hotel. JWPegasus belongs to Quality Group, a holding company and one of the premier property developers in the Republic of Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Birmanos Enterprises

Birmanos is a subsidiary company of Quality Group. Birmanos Enterprises is responsible for the overall operations of QBlu Plaza, BluChip gallery, Marbre Fusion Grill and Ma Peruvian – Japanese Restaurant.

Its mission is to maintain and monitor overall quality as well as to ensure smooth operations of the Plaza.